What are Diamond cut wheels?

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Before we answer the question, “What is Diamond cut wheels?”, let us first understand how the wheels are made. This type of alloy wheel is different from other alloys because it has a two-tone colour effect.

The two-tone colour is achieved through the use of a special industrial diamond cut lathe to cut tiny grooves and design into the surface of the alloy. The resulting finish is metallic, with diamond-like cuts. The wheels are vulnerable to damage after they have been lacquered, however. Also, the cut feature can be weakened if the wheel is repeatedly re-cut.

The main feature of diamond-cut alloy wheels is the glossy finish. These wheels look similar to CD finishes. A thin layer of the alloy wheel is machined off to create a polished, shiny finish. They are also more expensive to repair than standard painted alloy wheels, but the benefits far outweigh the cost.

This type of alloy wheel is an excellent option if you want your car to stand out from the crowd. You can use it to spruce up a dull car or to upgrade your current wheels.

The process of diamond cut wheels involves using a machine that uses a laser to measure the area that needs to be ‘diamond-cut’. After this, the machine spins the wheel at high speeds, stripping a thin layer of the painted alloy from the wheel. After this, a clear coat is applied to finish the wheel.

This process is far more expensive than powder-cut alloy wheels, but it produces a beautiful finish.