Protect your alloy wheels and car with a premium ceramic coating.

Times are changing, however, and so has finishing and refinishing technology.

Why protect your paintwork at the same time you refurbish your wheels? add an extra layer of paint protection against brake dust and tar.

Manchester Alloy Wheel Repair (Manchester branch) have new Nano ceramic protection to bring you the latest car protection technology, away with the old school wax methods which is out-dated and particularly hard work to maintain. This new car paint protection is revolutionary making car wax a thing of the past. Contact us now for a free quote

ceramic car protection

Nano ceramic coating for cars is widely regarded as the best paint protection for vehicles. It’s applied by our certified technicians under a controlled environment and comes with a three-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Ceramic coating makes surfaces three times harder than diamonds, protecting against stone chips and scratching. Thanks in no small part to our 20 years of experience, it’s widely regarded as the best paint protection for vehicles.

After the automotive guard paint and plastic, protection has been applied by our experts, there’s no need to wax for three years as the showroom look can be achieved with a simple wash and dry. Unlike some other products, top-ups or monthly maintenance is not required. Contact us now for a free ceramic protection quote

Alloy Wheel Defender 

  • A thicker nano ceramic, using high active ingredients, beats off the shelf products on durability.
  • Repels brake dust and dirt no aftercare products needed.
  • Protects against:
  • Oxidisation caused by the sun’s UV rays (this can degrade paintwork)
  • Fade and corrosion caused by general road dirt and grime
  • Road de-icing salts and chemicals
  • Stone chips and scratches
  • Oil and fuel spills
  • Acid rain
  • Road tar and bird droppings


  • Creates an unparalleled shine
  • Premium detailed look, all year round
  • No waxing required for three years
  • Your vehicle will be 90% clean after heavy rain
  • Repels snow and ice, no need for scraping
  • Brake dust can be removed from alloy wheels simply with water only (no harsh chemicals required)
  • Protects against lime, tar, acids and salt
  • Three-year manufacturer’s guarantee
  • Can protect residual value

Let’s get technical (replaces Nano Application For Surfaces)

Ceramic paint coatings are applied by certified technicians. They protect paint, plastic, carbon fibre, metal. They improve the gloss finish even on new cars. They can also be applied to matt paint without changing the finish while creating an easy to maintain surface that’s water repellent and less prone to staining.

Thanks to market-leading technology and chemistry, = Ceramic coated surfaces are protected against ice clearing chemicals, salts and acidic chemicals (used on the roads in winter months), contaminated rain, bird lime, tree sap, fuel spills, graffiti and more.

Ceramic coatings last up to five years and make surfaces very easy to clean. There’s no need for elaborate waxes or complex cleaning products. Once coated, an ‘as new’ finish can be achieved with a simple wash and dry.

Ceramic Vehicle Protection

Ceramic coatings (such as nano paint for cars and paint sealant) help businesses and individuals protect their high-value investments. We work with you to develop and design a protective coating to meet unique challenges – everything from protecting against corrosion and road-chip damage to maintaining an ‘as new’ finish.

Science-wise, Ceramic nano protective coatings are based on the latest molecular scale technology available. This provides complete durability and unparalleled strength. Our 20-year experience in applying protective coatings on a commercial scale means we’re able to offer the best and most cost-effective solution on the market.

  • Benefits of ceramic protective coatings include:
  • Expert application
  • Maintains ‘as new’ finish
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Anti-graffiti
  • Protection from UV
  • Protection from salt water and salt air
  • Long warranties
  • Easy cleaning
  • Accelerated weather and ‘real life’ testing

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Alloy wheel ceramic protection

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