Diamond Cut Wheel Repair & Refurbishment in Manchester

Alloy wheels, once a hallmark of luxury vehicles and high-performance sports cars, have become increasingly popular among a broad spectrum of car owners. The allure of diamond cut wheel repair and refurbishment is evident, as more drivers opt to enhance their vehicles with this premium finish. The benefits of alloy wheels extend far beyond their aesthetic appeal:

  • Lightweight Construction: Alloy wheels are significantly lighter than their steel counterparts, which can improve your vehicle’s acceleration and braking efficiency.
  • Resistance to Rust and Corrosion: Unlike steel wheels, alloys are more resistant to rust and corrosion, making them ideal for maintaining their pristine appearance for longer.
  • Improved Heat Dissipation: Alloys are better at dissipating heat away from brake components, which helps in reducing the risk of brake fade during intensive driving conditions.

At our specialised facility in Manchester, we focus on expertly restoring diamond cut wheels. Using precision equipment, we can repair damage from kerbs and road wear, restoring the wheels to their original glory.

Diamond cut refurbishment

A typical refurbishment involves stripping the wheel back to bare metal, repairing any damage, and then cutting the fine layers off the face with a diamond-tipped lathe to create that distinctive shiny finish. The wheel is then sealed with a clear lacquer to protect against the elements and enhance durability.

Diamond cut repair

A standard repair typically involves preparing the face of the diamond cut wheel, followed by re-cutting and applying a fresh lacquer coat. This approach is more cost-effective as it avoids the need to completely strip and powder coat the wheel in addition to the cutting process. If the damage on your wheel is confined to the face or edges, without any damage to the paint, this could be a viable and economical option for you.

For those seeking to maintain or restore the beauty and performance of their wheels, our workshop offers tailored solutions that ensure each wheel leaves looking and functioning like new.

Our Alloy wheel repair workshop in Failsworth – Manchester

We’re local in Failsworth, Manchester just off junction 22 of the M60, where our experts are equipped to restore your wheels to optimal condition – get a free quote or book online for your alloy wheel repair where our experts are ready to bring your diamond cut wheels back to their peak condition.

*Due to the surge in pothole-related incidents in Manchester, it’s essential to book an appointment with us, as this has led to limited availability.

Diamond cut wheel repair

Aluminium wheels impose a lesser burden of weight on a vehicle which results in better fuel economy. Another good reason why car owners buy alloy wheels is that they significantly improve the performance and image of their vehicles. Even though diamond cut alloy wheels provide the finishing touch to any car and can turn the vehicle from an average-looking motor into a real head-turner, they bend easier than steels under road impacts. Also, they have a tendency to crack if bent too far.

In the event you are searching for the best diamond cut wheel repair in Manchester, look no further. We are the leading provider of first-class alloy wheel repair services. Whether your car needs diamond cut refurbishment, cracked alloy repair or buckled alloy repair, we’ve got you covered. Just let us know what kind of wheel refurbishment your car needs, and we’ll do all the rest. When dealing with us, you can rest assured your vehicle will be provided with hi-end wheel repair services.

Diamond cut refurbishment

Affordable diamond cut alloy refurb at your first call

What makes us stand apart from other companies that provide wheel repairs and diamond cut refurbishments is the fact that in our practice we utilise the latest technology to repair diamond cut alloy wheels. Another great advantage of choosing Manchester Alloy Wheel Repair is that wheel refurbishment services we provide can be performed in just one day, and the cost of diamond cut refurb is relatively low. As practice shows, most car owners can afford wheel refurbishment services we offer.

Our diamond cut alloy wheel repair specialists are fully trained experts. They have more than 15 years of experience in wheel repair. Also, it’s worth mentioning that we work with the most popular car manufacturers, including Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW and many others.

diamond cut wheel repair

First-class diamond cut wheel repair

Alloy wheel refurbishment is a step-by-step process. Usually, it’s carried out in the following manner:

  • Firstly, we remove tires from rims.
  • Secondly, we wash the wheels in a high-pressure wheel cleaner. This is made to remove tar and road dirt.
  • After that, car wheels are stripped with chemicals to remove all the paint. Fine bead blasted to remove any corrosion and prep wheels for powder coat priming.
  • The next step is all about baking the wheels in the oven at 210 degrees.
  • Once the wheels are baked, a high build powder coat primer is applied.
  • Then the wheel is diamond cut with a state-of-the-art CNC machine. Powder coat is lacquered and protected.
  • At the final stage, the wheels are left to cool down before fitting and balancing the tires.

As you can see, diamond cutting wheel refurbishment takes time and specific skills. Fortunately, our diamond cut alloy wheel repair specialists are always here for you, ready to provide you with the exceptional wheel refurbishment services 24/7.

The Diamond cut refurbishment process

  1. Tyres are removed.
  2. Wheels are then washed in a high-pressure wheel cleaner to remove tar and road dirt.
  3. The wheels are stripped with chemicals to remove all the paint.
  4. Fine bead blasted to remove any corrosion and prep for powder coat priming.
  5. We then bake the wheels in the oven at around 210 degrees.
  6. High build powder coat primer is applied.
  7. Powder coated in the colour of your choice.
  8. The wheel is then diamond cut, with a state of the art CNC machine.
  9. Powder coat is then lacquered and protected.
  10. Wheels are left to cool down before fitting and balancing the tyres.
Diamond cut wheel repair
Like new – restored & repaired diamond cut wheel