Buckled alloy wheel repair in Manchester

Even a minor buckle in your alloy wheel can significantly affect your driving experience. You might not always see the buckle, but it often manifests as vibrations in the steering wheel, which you can feel while driving. This is not only uncomfortable but can also impair your vehicle’s performance. More critically, it poses a safety risk, as a buckled wheel can lead to further structural damage or failure when you least expect it.

At our specialised workshop, we urge you to have any suspected wheel issues checked promptly. Driving on a damaged wheel not only compromises your safety but could also lead to costly repairs down the line if the damage worsens. We offer detailed assessments and repairs for all types of wheel damage, ensuring your wheels are not only aesthetically pleasing but, most importantly, safe and sound for the road. We’re local in Failsworth, Manchester just off junction 22 of the M60, where our experts are equipped to restore your wheels to optimal condition – get a free quote or book online for your alloy wheel repair.

*You’ll need an appointment as the pot hole pandemic in Manchester has limited to availability.

98% of buckled alloy wheels are repairable, we usually fix them same day.

Buckled alloy wheel repair Manchester

Buckled alloy wheels do generally get worse as time goes by, turning into a safety hazard leaving you no option but to drive straight to the closest auto repair. Resulting in your vehicle being off the road, along with many inconveniences including cancelled plans, delays, and additional expenses such as taxi fares. Don’t leave it too late, book with us today. 

Our skilled mechanics are the best in their field, they’ll make sure your car is ready as soon as possible, 100% safe to drive, and can easily pass the MOT test. Leave the car wheel straightening to professionals, and you will not be disappointed!

What are the signs of a buckled wheel?

  • The tyre wear is uneven.
  • The tracking feels like it is out.
  • The driving wheel starts vibrating when you exceed a certain speed.
  • The tyre fitter cannot balance the wheel.
  • Losing air pressure (like a slow puncture).

If you have noticed any symptoms from the list above, we recommend making an appointment with us so we can check your wheels thoroughly. Driving with a damaged wheel is not safe even if the buckle is minor. It can result in a tyre blowout at high speed causing a potentially dangerous traffic situation. Remember: better safe than sorry!

Can buckled alloy wheels be repaired?

Yes! Absolutely, alloy wheels can get buckled in many ways, such as hitting a pothole or bent by kerb damage. Alloy wheel straightening is one of our most common wheel repairs, and doesn’t cost a fortune!

We can fix it the same day, or while you wait, it all depends on how badly the wheel is buckled. Get in touch with our team today for an accurate free no obligation chat.

How does car wheel straightening work?

Today most modern car wheels are made of aluminium or magnesium alloy, manufacturers prefer alloys as they are more durable, lighter and aesthetically pleasing. However, they are not as strong as traditional steel wheels which means alloy wheels are prone to deterioration even denting, cracking, and buckling.

Not to fear, 98% of buckled alloy wheels can be repaired giving you more alternatives to buying new alloys, which can be an unnecessary expense.

We use a purpose-built straightening machine to fix buckled rims, the whole process of buckled car wheel repair works like this:

  1. We remove the tyre and check for cracks and buckles.
  2. Then we measure the wheel to mark uneven areas.
  3. The wheel is heated at high temperature to soften the metal, which helps when straightening.
  4. Hydraulic press is used to fix uneven points.
  5. We fit the tyre and balance it.

Buckled alloy wheel repair can be completed the same day, so you’ll be back rolling safely in no time!

Why you should choose us

Are you looking to repair a buckled alloy wheel in Manchester? Look no further! We offer a premium alloy straightening service at an affordable price, usually with same day turnaround. 

Fill in the short online form to request a free quote now to book an appointment with one of our technicians. If you have any questions regarding our services or buckled alloy wheel repair cost, please request a callback from our responsive customer service.

Drive safely with Manchester Alloy Wheel Repair!

Buckled Alloy Wheel Repair

A buckle on a wheel is not the end of its life as it once was years ago. If you find the right Alloy Wheel Repair Specialist the buckle can be straightened out at a fraction of the cost of a new wheel just as a crack can be welded, obviously the weld must be perfect or your tyres go flat. Our technicians have ample experience, the process will be hassle free and you’ll be back on the road within hours. 

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