Brake caliper painting service near me 

Based in Failsworth, our brake caliper painting service offers a swift, hassle-free experience, perfect whether you’re getting a full set of wheels refurbished or just looking to add a stylish touch on its own. Opting for black wheels? Consider complementing them with custom red painted calipers for a standout look. We provide both individual and package deals that include wheel refurbishment and caliper painting. You can book online for this caliper refurbishment service, appointment required.

Enhance the aesthetics of your vehicle with our expert services tailored to your needs. If you are painting your wheels black you may want to consider custom red paint callipers. Wheel refurb and calliper paint packages available. 

Brake Caliper Painting Service
Red Brake callipers

Brake Calliper Paint

Full range of brake caliper paints to choose from, personalise your car and stand out from the crowd with stunning alloy wheel paint and brake caliper combinations. Turnaround times for brake calipers and a wheel refurbishment are within 24hrs we can provide a courtesy car for those who need one.

Brake Caliper Painting Service
Brake Calliper Colours

How to paint brake callipers

It is possible to paint the brake calipers yourself, with a wide range of DIY caliper paints designed to take the high temperatures of high performance car braking, you can spray or brush the calipers. You will need to make sure the callipers are clean and you have masked off correctly.

Best practice is to take the caliper’s off, but this may prove difficult on certain car models. We offer 2 options for brake caliper painting a standard on the car custom paint job, or a full strip with the calipers completely stripped. If you would like to find out more, please Contact us , telephone or fill in one of our quote forms.

A guide to painting brake calipers – How to paint brake calipers