We offer alloy wheel repairs and wheel refurbishments for all cars, from prestige vehicles, classic cars to 4×4’s no matter what size. We refurb alloy wheels of all specifications and sizes from powder coat alloy wheel refurbishment to full diamond cut alloy wheel refurbishment with a full range or paint colours and finishes.

If you require repairs too, we have services such as buckle repairs, crack repairs and diamond cut repairs.

Alloy refurb manchester
Alloy Wheel Refurbishment
Powder coat alloy wheel refurbishment
Powder coat alloy wheel refurbishment

We refurbish alloy wheels to like-new (or better than new) condition!

Alloy wheel refurbishment costs less than replacement, yet delivers like-new looks and safety. If your wheels are looking old, corroded or pitted, alloy wheel refurbishment is by far the most efficient option. Contact us now for a free quote

  • Full factory powder coat wheel refurbishment
  • Diamond cut wheel refurbishment
  • Full range of manufacture colours
  • All types of wheels (split rims, diamond cut, painted)
  • Classic alloy wheel restoration

Fully trained professionals with over 20 years experience, we work with major dealerships, car leasing companies.

  1. Drive your car to us, we will remove wheels and tyres, tyres are marked to ensure they are fitted correctly once your wheels have been refurbished. Your vehicle is stored in a secure place and fully insured.
  2. The Alloy wheels are then stripped with chemicals to remove the paint.
  3. Your alloy wheels are then blasted to remove any corrosion.
  4. The alloy wheels are then aqua blasted to remove any contaminants.
  5. We then bake the wheels in the oven at around 210 degrees.
  6. High build powder coat primer is applied.
  7. Powder coated in the colour of your choice.
  8. Powder coat is then lacquered and protected.
  9. Wheels are left to cool down before fitting and balancing the tyres.
Some examples:
Diamond wheel refurbishment
Aston Martin Diamond wheel refurbishment

Lease car wheel repair costs / Emergency repairs

Express alloy wheel refurbishment for emergencies and hire cars. Lease hire companies often have excessive charges for curbing or wheel damage of any kind to their vehicles if you haven’t taken out extra insurance! If you have damaged the alloy wheels of a hire car, we can arrange special express service that will allow you to get it back to the company on time, and with no damage to explain or pay for.

Better still, we charge substantially less for alloy wheel repairs than they will!  Here at Manchester Alloy Wheel Repair, we use the very latest alloy refurb techniques, using Rader paint systems which are accredited by the major car manufacturers, guaranteeing an as new finish.

Hassle free wheel refurbishment service open Saturdays when booked in advance, includes express diamond rim repairs. If you would like to book your wheels in for wheel reconditioning fill out our Contact form or just call  – Whatsapp

Aston Martin diamond cut repair